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Governmental Relations and Government Affairs Management

The art of successfully moving corporate goals through public policy channels is the hallmark of Capital Partnerships, where client retention far exceeds industry norms.

The firm's success can be quantified in the over $1.5 billion it has successfully secured for federal and state government affairs clients.

Advocating for clients in Washington, Columbus and across the nation means implementing a multi-faceted communications strategy; walking the halls of Congress is far too simplistic for today's lobbying challenges.

That's where Capital Partnerships' Christine Vineis' public relations expertise strengthens client goals with a well-rounded, targeted government relations campaign.

Public policy interpretation and watchfulness is also part of Capital Partnerships' government relations services — alerting clients to pending administrative or legislative changes, offering election intelligence, but, most importantly, identifying opportunities for clients.

Christine Vineis is affiliated with the Washington lobbying firm, The Livingston Group, one of the most respected bipartisan government relation firms. Founded by former House Appropriations Chair Bob Livingston, Capital Partnership clients have access to the Administration and the U.S. Congress through the most connected professionals in Washington. Take a look at their site to learn more.

Grant Writing

We won over $ 470 Million for clients in just 5 years!

What makes a winning grant? Ask us! We take our government affairs experience and leverage it with our public relations and marketing know-how to tell a strong, compelling story. The Strategic Funding Roadmap we build for clients early on insures you are only applying to those funds for whom you have a good chance of winning dollars. The Roadmap will likely contain traditional as well as non-traditional grants and funders because we see a broad range of potential issue area funders thanks to Capital Partnerships' diverse client portfolio.

Anyone can fill out a few pages on Capital Partnerships takes the time to know what the grant readers are hoping to achieve with their awards, and relays those intricacies to clients to ensure the project has those elements. We then determine what kind of tangible evidence and measurements are being sought, what the role of the local government or private sector is expected to be and then the story-telling begins. Tell us your story and let's see how we might work together!

Public Relations

Working in public relations for America's top companies like Pfizer, Inc. and AT&T means Christine Vineis knows the value of a strategic communications plan and its role in impacting sales, legislative goals and overall public perception.

Capital Partnerships recognizes the media is a potent ally in disseminating crucial information or simply creating public awareness. Capital Partnerships has a longstanding and mutually beneficial working relationship with digital, print and broadcast media and believes the media can be a powerful asset to any business.

By identifying elements that are essential to a story, the firm serves as a reliable resource to media outlets on the local and national levels. This connectedness delivers the power of the media to Capital Partnerships' clients.

Crisis management is an important public relations issue to be addressed by any business, large or small. Capital Partnerships makes sure its clients are prepared in the case of an unforeseen media event and are in command when the media calls.

Business Development

Top Fortune 100 transportation businesses as well as new companies entering the marketplace rely on the high level relationships of Capital Partnerships to showcase their products and services to key decision-makers.

Information gathering coupled with a thorough understanding of the funding processes applied by the federal government, state departments of transportation and metropolitan planning organizations save Capital Partnerships' clients' time, while maximizing their competitive advantage.

Securing over $1.5 Billion for clients!